Monday, 30 December 2013

Questions, Answers and Random Facts: My Response to the Challenge

Last month I was nominated by Rachael Roberts to take part in this blogging challenge.  As my poor blog has been neglected of late, I was delighted to accept the challenge, and get into the blogging habit once more.

The challenge requires me to:

  • Provide 11 random facts about myself.
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by Rachael.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to take part in the challenge (I wasn’t allowed to pick Rachael, as she nominated me).
  • Think of 11 questions to ask my nominated bloggers.

So, here goes...

11 Random facts

When I was growing up (this was in the days before the internet) I used to think that I must be the only person in the word called Genevieve White.  However, on my first ever Google search of my name, I discovered that there are in fact, many Genevieve Whites out there.  The one who comes up first in all the searches is a New York based performance artist. Another namesake writes Biblical fiction.

I live in Shetland, where at midnight in midsummer you can read a paper outside without the help of torch or candle light. And if the newspaper doesn’t blow out of your hands and end up in the North Sea, all the better.

3 Before turning my hand to ELT writing I used to write one act plays. Most were miserablist dystopian fantasies set up in the near future and were performed to an audience of two (including my Mum) in a draughty local theatre. 

I like glamorous, retro coats. If you wear a nice coat and smart boots it really doesn’t matter if you are dressed like a scruff underneath. 

 Most of my coats are dry clean only and would not last a day in typical Shetland weather.  So sadly, they are mostly worn around the house.

I once read somewhere that Roma brides get married in blue to symbolise the fact that the ceiling of their future home will be the sky they sleep under. I liked this idea very much and also got married in blue hoping that it would set my husband and I up for a life time of wandering and freedom. This worked well… up to a point.

My longest ever hitch hiking adventure was from Aberdeen to Barcelona.

 I am a fresh air fiend – I get very grumpy if I am cooped up inside for long.

I feel very happy when I am in the garden with my hands covered in earth. I don’t have a lot of success with growing food, but I have produced some quite nice rhubarb.

“I can handle bars and cycle paths but I can’t handle cars and psychopaths.”

 I love a good party game. I love inventing new party games. I love parties too. (Sorry, I think that was three facts).

My 11 questions from Rachael
1 Why did you start blogging and how has differed from your expectations?
I didn’t have any expectations. It was just an experiment, really. I suppose I didn’t realise it would put me in touch with such a kind, supportive community, some of whom I have now met in person.
2 What’s your earliest childhood memory?
The scent from a lilac bush on a summer’s day.
3 Tell us about someone you admire, and say why.
My Mum. She looks like a puff of wind might blow her away, but she is as tough as hobnailed boots.
4 What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?
Philip Pulman’s retelling of Grimm Tales. I read them aloud to my children. Some of them were incredibly gory and disturbing but my kids laughed through the scariest bits. I thought the introduction was fascinating.
5 Do you prefer walking or running? Why?
People seem to find my running style very amusing (I have been compared to Phoebe in Friends if that explains anything). I can only think of a few situations where I might want to run and these usually involve packs of rabid dogs.
6 What was your first paid job?
Washing dishes in a pub when I was fourteen for £1.75 an hour.  Scoundrels.
7 What five famous people would you invite to a dinner party, and why?
I’m not interested in celebrities, so I would rather invite my family. However,  it would be nice to resurrect the Belgian chansonnier Jacques Brel for the occasion. I would feed him moules et frites and some good red wine and he might reward us with a few songs.
8 What’s the first website you check/go on each day? Why?
The BBC weather site to see if our house will last another day.
9 What can you remember about the first class you ever taught?
The dreadful sick feeling as I realised that my boss was not just escorting me to my classroom, but planned to observe the lesson too. The massive relief when it was over.
10 Flowers or chocolates?
Could I be cheeky and ask for cheese and biscuits instead? 
11 How do you feel about reality TV shows?
 I don’t have a TV so mostly manage to avoid them. I did however spend a lonely night in a hotel room recently and decided to watch the X factor. It made me very glad I don’t have a TV – I thought it was awful.
My nominated bloggers












Questions for my nominated bloggers

1 When and where are you happiest?
2 What makes you want to cry?
3 Do you think Scottish independence is a good idea?
4 What is your unsung talent?
5 What is your all time favourite ELT activity?
6 Where do you write your blogs?
7 With which literary character do you identify most?
8 If you were an ELT teaching approach which would you be and why?
9 What would your last ever meal be?
10 Where do you think you’ll be ten years from now?
11 Who would play you in a film about your life?



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