Thursday, 14 June 2012

Diary of a Film Project: part three

Tonight we moved on to the editing phase of our film project. None of us had seen Clint’s footage until tonight, so there was a buzz of excitement as we waited to see what we had to work with.

Clint and I had discussed beforehand how we should approach this stage of the film project. We were keen to give learners as much say as possible in editing the film, but aware at the same time how time consuming this part of the process is. So, in the end we agreed that Clint should do a little bit of pre-editing before coming into the class. He had put together about four minutes of footage and added the monologues, so that learners had a rough idea of what they had to work with, and also showed them a few extra clips which they could add to the film if they wished.

It is looking really good! We watched the footage three times over, proud of what we’d managed to achieve so far. Clint has uploaded the film footage to vimeo, and for next week, learners have the task of thinking about what needs changed (in terms of chronology), edited out or added to. We also need to send the film to our composer, Steve, who can get to work on the soundtrack.

I feel very tempted to share what we have so far, but I will restrain myself, so as not to take the shine off our big premiere night in September!

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